My two girls (Doxies) loved your Cheese treats. We bought some at the Morgan Log House festival a few weeks ago. Thanks Jaye.
Dr. Karen McCormack
“The level of service at The Barkery is fantastic. Having known Jaye for many years, I am consistently impressed by the things she does. My dog Sandy has tasted all of her Treats, and every time Jaye walks in my home, Sandy starts jumping around looking for her Treats.
Ann Brandenberger 
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. The Barkery was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Diane White
Our Sheltie, Goldie Asher, is very fussy about the treats he eats. However, he eagerly eats The Barkery treats whenever Jaye visits our Salon, Groomingdales. All of our dogs: Goldie, Cookie, and Thunder rush over to her to see what new delights she has for them.
Kathie Kerper, Groomingdales
Hello, I attended the Pet Fair in Feasterville earlier this day - bought an assortment of your dog treats (that looked good enough for ME treats, esp those with the peanuts & jelly in the center)  for my pups.   YUM from everyone, still have a few to give out but boy do they keep looking for more.  I will head to your web page and check that out.
From Warminster
Carol & the Irish Fur faces
Mick, Cassidy & Kylie
we support Setter Rescue
 You have made my 8 dogs very Happy. They love your Bones, and I love your prices. Looking forward to seeing you again at your next event. So glad we met at the fair today.
Thank you again.
Sherry Baker

(This has nothing to do with our Treats, but it has to do with our dog Brock, and what he had done for our neighbor, Lois,  we are grateful that Lois wasn't harmed, she is a dear friend of our family, especially Brock's) please read on:
Late one evenng, a few weeks back, I had just pulled into my parking lot when I noticed an unknown man sitting in his car. As I got out of my car,  he got out of his. I had a bad feeling something wasn't right. As I walked towards Brock's home, I felt the man behind me. Brock came to the dining room window and started barking. With that, the man turned and ran to his car. I am so very grateful for Brock's barking, and scaring the man away. I had never seen the man before, and was very nervous. We live in North Wales, in a development that is very safe, but that incident was unnerving to me. I am so grateful for Brock's barking, and the friendship of Jaye & Rob, they have been great neighbors.  
Lois Erricson