Dehydrations in Cats - The Initial Signs
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Dehydrations in Cats - The Initial Signs

As the season is changing, slowly, cats will start to have dehydration problems, here is a checklist for you if you think something is wrong with your feline. Let's make sure we take good care of ou cats this summer season. If you see a cat that's homeless, give him some water too, you may be saving a life.
Dehydration is common in pets, and it can lead to serious problems. If your cat doesn't feel well, has quit eating, has been exposed to excessive amounts of heat without water, or is vomiting and not keeping water down, chances are your cat is suffering from dehydration.
Pet owners commonly ask how they can tell if their cat is dehydrated.
If a cat is not eating or drinking, or if he is having vomiting or diarrhea, the safest thing to do is to assume is that the cat is dehydrated. This may not always be the case but assuming that it is dehydration is the safest approach.
Here are some signs of dehydration that you should be aware of:
•    Loss of skin elasticity
•    Lethargy
•    Depression
•    Sunken eyes
•    Dry gums
•    Increased heart rate
•    Slow capillary refill time
You will often see veterinarians lift up the loose skin over the back and watch for its mobility. A slow return to normal can be a sign of dehydration. Some cats will also have sunken eyes, an increased heart rate and slow capillary refill times.
If you think your cat is dehydrated, see your veterinarian immediately.
A pet fountain is a great way to help keep your cat hydrated and healthy because it keeps water fresh and tasty (which means your cat will drink more of it).
Let's have a Safe and Fun Filled Summer.
Thank you

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