Fleas & Ticks - how to solve the problem
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Fleas & Ticks - how to solve the problem

Here is some information for you all regarding the season changes, and Fleas, which are going to show their ugly faces soon. I hope this helps those of you with Cats, or Dogs for that matter.
    As you probably know, flea control is extremely important.  But when is the best time to start using a monthly flea and tick medication on your cat?
The answer is - it depends.  Recommendations are different, depending on where you live. 

    In southern states with warm climates, fleas are a year-round problem. If you live in a warm climate, year-round medication is recommended. 
Many parts of the Midwest do not have a consistently cold climate during winter months.  In these states, veterinarians also recommend year-round treatment. 
In the northern region of the country where winters are consistently cold, you should begin applying a topical medication in March or April, before flea season begins - and you should continue monthly treatments until it ends.  In these areas, it is extremely important to start treatment sooner rather than later since it is much easier to prevent a flea infestation than it is to treat one.  Flea season lasts about 4 months, with September often being the worst month of the year.
      Still, these recommendations may not be enough.  No matter where you live, if your cat has brought fleas into your home, they can live and breed inside a warm house all year round.  And flea infestations are a real nightmare.
Fleas multiply at an unbelievably fast rate.  If you had just one flea in your home, in 2 months you could have up to 3 million fleas!
       To be safe, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommends that you administer a monthly preventative flea medication all year round.
Fleas can also transmit dangerous parasites and diseases to your cat, including anemia and bacterial diseases.  If you aren't already using a monthly flea medication on your cat, start now. I recommend Advantage® II. This new improved formula has an ingredient that kills fleas at all life stages - so you can prevent an infestation before it begins. 
    Advantage® II is safe for cats and kittens 8 weeks of age or older and it is available without a prescription. One application lasts a full month. And it's waterproof, so there's no need to reapply after bathing or swimming.
Flea control is too important to take chances. Please follow the CAPC's recommendation and start your cat on a good flea control medication today.

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The fleas and ticks how to solve the problem regarding the season changes with this jayesbarkery blog. Thanks for info about extremly important the recommondations are different medication on your cart.
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