Easter Holiday precautions:
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Easter Holiday precautions:

                               HAPPY EASTER TO ALL:
    Here is a list of some things that unfortunately aren't good for our beloved cats. Especially those beautiful Easter Lillies that we all get, read on so you are aware of all this
     Many people who celebrate this holiday will be having family celebrations, Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets filled with jellybeans and chocolate bunnies. You may also have your home decorated with seasonal decorations or plants But common Easter traditions can be dangerous for your pets. Every year thousands of pets become injured and/or deathly ill. To keep your pet safe, you should be aware of some common Easter pet perils.
• Easter Lilies (and other lilies such as the day lily and the tiger lily). For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life - the spiritual essence of Easter. Cat owners, however, need to be especially careful with these beautiful flowers because their leaves contain toxins that can cause severe kidney damage. (So far, toxicity has not been reported in dogs.)
Eating just one leaf of this toxic plant can result in severe poisoning and within a short time your cat will exhibit signs of toxicity. Minutes to hours after ingestion, your cat may stop eating and begin vomiting. As the toxins begin to affect the kidneys, your cat may become lethargic, and within five days, kidney failure will cause death.
If you suspect your cat has eaten part of a lily plant, it is important that you contact your veterinarian immediately. If treatment is started early, chances for recovery are good, but once the kidneys have been severely affected, your cat may not survive.Obviously, the best prevention of lily toxicity is to keep the plants away from your kitty. If you bring Easter lilies into the house, keep them in a separate room where your nibbling cat cannot enter. Learn more - go to Easter Lily Toxicity. 
Plastic Easter Grass and Other Goodies .  Like children, pets love to nibble on goodies in the Easter basket. Unfortunately, our curious pets enjoy everything in the basket, even the colorful plastic grass, toys and foil-wrappers on candies. Take care to keep Easter baskets away from your pets. The plastic in Easter grass is non-digestible and can get caught in the intestines, leading to blockage and possible perforation. Cats love string-like objects and often play with the grass before eating it. Once ingested, the grass, as well as small plastic toys, can cause choking or become lodged in the stomach or intestines and create an obstruction.
Your pet may also ingest streamers and other decorative items - even ribbons and bows that have been tied around their necks. Don't be tempted to decorate your pets; they don't enjoy it and it may result in choking or strangulation.
Keep these items away from your pets and throw candy wrappers in a covered trash can. If you suspect that your cat has ingested something that may not pass through his intestinal tract, contact your veterinarian. Waiting until your pet starts to vomit will make removal of the object more difficult and costly. Also, if you notice a sudden loss of appetite, vomiting, excessive drooling or abnormal bowel movements, consult with your veterinarian immediately.
Chocolate Toxicity .  Did you know that chocolate can poison your pet? Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs, and other candies and wrappers can become lodged in the stomach or cause your pet to choke. Chocolate has a high fat content and contains caffeine and theobromine, which stimulate the nervous system and can be toxic if taken in large amounts. Depending on the type of chocolate ingested and the amount eaten, various problems can occur. White chocolate has the least amount of stimulants and baking chocolate has the highest. To learn more and to find out which and what kinds of chocolate are most toxic

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