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Cat Litter Dust

As you all know, we have 2 cats: Tonya & Tucker, and like you, I have the same problem with litter, it winds up everywhere, I wanted to share this info with all of you, for your opinion, let me know what you think:

What's your worst litter story? We love our cats, but I don't know anyone who's happy about having to clean a litter box...and that sometimes results in some really gross things. In my business I've heard a lot of them and most of them are related to the type of litter that my clients use.
Many people use clay-based litter and while inexpensive, it can cause a lot of problems. Kitties with long hair can easily get their “business” stuck when the clay solidifies, and that means lots of gross dirty litter all over the litter box area and house.
Cat lovers with multiple cats always seem to be battling litter odor and it doesn't take long for a party to be ruined from a smelly cat box. Another friend of mine has allergies that are triggered by dust. Well, guess what happens every time she has to clean the litter box? That's right, dust flies up...and she's sneezing for hours afterward.
When it comes to litter, cat owners usually have a BIG laundry list of complaints, not the least of which are:
    • Tracking
    • Dust
    • Odor
    • Weight (too heavy to carry)
    • Cost
Finding the perfect litter is not easy. Some clump better than others. Some track less. Some are better at controlling odor. And some even cost less than others. But no litter has ever been able to do it all.
So what's a cat lover to do?
One of my clients is very committed to saving the environment. She buys all the latest "green" earth-friendly products. On one of her visits to my office she told me about a wonderful cat litter called Green Tea Leaves clumping cat litter.  It sounded like this litter had everything she needed. It was good for the environment - it was 100% natural, biodegradable and even flushable! This litter is made from wood powder and green tea leaves - both of which have the natural ability to control strong odor. It's lightweight, it has extremely good clumping properties and it contains no silica dust to cause respiratory problems in humans or cats.
My client RAVED about this litter!  She said the odor control was incredible, and because it's all-natural she knows she's making the Earth a cleaner place. She even buys the litter online, so it's delivered right to her door.
I wanted to know more about this incredible litter if it really worked, I wanted to tell my poor allergic friend and all my readers. I bought some for myself and my staff so we could try it. And now I'm happy to say that we all agree - this litter is awesome! It really does what it claims.  And not only can you just flush the soiled litter right down the toilet, when you change out the litter box every month you can throw the old litter right into the garden. Before you know it the litter biodegrades into natural mulch. This makes sense since it's made from only wood and green tea

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Thomas on Monday, November 21, 2016 3:43 AM
As a businessman you shared your story from your customer which are really important to know. I am a new cat owner that is why all this discussion will help me a lot in the near future. I will share this post with my Facebook friends to see this. Thanks!
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