Maintaining your Cats Teeth:
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Maintaining your Cats Teeth:

As our precious kitties get order, we all worry if their teeth are in good condition, just as we do about our dogs teeth, here are a few tips and general information I had found regarding such topic, I hope this is helpful for all:
Science is a wonderful thing. In just a couple of decades pet oral hygiene has reached all-time high levels. People these days care more about their cat's oral health than ever before, and I think that's amazing!  We have so many different products to use to keep our (and our pets') mouths healthy that it can be mind boggling.
Are you doing all you can do to ensure that your pet has the healthiest mouth she can? Many people don't know the proper way to care for their cat's teeth, or they're too intimidated by the process to do anything.
First, cat mouths are quite different from human mouths. Check out Structure and Function of the Tongue, Teeth, and Mouth in Cats for some insight to some of these differences. It's really fascinating stuff! For some guidelines on proper oral care at home, I'd recommend reading Keeping Your Cat's Teeth Healthy. This article has some wonderful suggestions. The most important way to keep your cat's mouth in good shape is to brush their teeth. You can do so at home with a little knowledge and the right tools. Go to: How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth
If you are deciding to take care of your kitty's canines at home and need help deciding what products to use, this article may be of help: Dental Products for Cats
A lack of proper dental care can lead to some very sad situations, including loss of teeth and chronic health conditions. It's important to regularly inspect your cat's mouth for injuries such as attrition or other problems. 
Staying on top of your pet's oral health can improve the quality of their lives, and lengthen them too.  Help your pet be healthy and strong by taking care of her teeth!

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The most important way to keep your cat's mouth in good shape is to brush their teeth.

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