Bad Breathe in your Cat
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Bad Breathe in your Cat

Bad Kitty Breath
"Kitty breath" most often refers to an unpleasant odor coming from a cat's mouth. There are several causes for "kitty breath" some of which can be relatively normal for your cat to abnormal and associated with dental or oral abnormalities.

Problems such as inflammation of the gums, abscessed teeth, oral ulcers, or tumors in the mouth can all cause bad breath. Kidney failure and lung tumors can also alter breath odor.

If your cat has bad breath, have him examined by your veterinarian to determine if there are any underlying health problems. Depending on the underlying cause, the cure may be as simple as a dental cleaning or routine brushing of the teeth.

Halitosis is the term used to describe bad breath in cats.
There are a few items over the counter to try including a NEW ITEM called: BE FRESH DENTAL CARE SOLUTION. This is a rinse that is put into your cat's water bowl, there is no taste, smell, or does not create any bacteria in their water bowl. It is a natural rinse, which saves you from a trip to your ER, to patch up the scratch or bites from your furry friend. So if you want to try and brush your cat's teeth, go for it, I know my cats would never allow that, but the rinse is a safe, natural way to illiminate the bad breathe that cats occasionally get. Let us know anyone who has tried this, or if you have any other home remedies that work. 

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cami dress on Thursday, November 08, 2012 3:00 PM
A very Interesting story, could you please share more details?
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Swiss Rolex on Tuesday, September 06, 2016 10:56 PM
Kidney failure and lung tumors can also alter breath odor.
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