Is your Cat Stressed out?
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Is your Cat Stressed out?

We all feel stressed out sometimes. It can get so bad that we feel overwhelmed. Luckily, many of us have a healthy outlet for this stress - an enjoyable activity or even just a friend who will listen to what's bothering us. But who will ask your cat what's bothering him when he's stressed – especially when he is at the boiling point?

You might not realize it, but cats can feel stress just like humans. Despite their reputation for being solitary creatures, a lot of the same things bother them, such as:

• Moving into a new house
• A new family member moving in
• A death in the family

Cats need routine in their life and when that routine is upset, they can become uneasy. Even something as minor as rearranging furniture can disturb your cat. After all, how would you feel if someone came into your house and changed something?

The symptoms of stress are not always obvious. Some signs can also be indicators of health problems. That's why it's important to keep an eye on your cat's behavior and pay attention to anything unusual. Make sure you have your cat checked by his vet to rule out a serious condition if you notice any of these signs of stress:

• Lack of grooming or over-grooming
• Overeating or lack of interest in food
• Changes in habit (sleeping much more or less than usual)
• Avoiding the litter box
• Excessive vocalization
• “Acting out” with inappropriate behavior such as scratching

Some cats, especially male cats, also feel the need to reestablish their territory after a change. This can lead to them “marking” or urinating on certain parts of the house, chewing and scratching, and other acts that are typically considered “bad behavior.”

Don't dismiss your cat's sudden personality changes as a phase or a bad attitude! Think of the last time you were stressed out; it's not a good feeling and undoubtedly your cat doesn't enjoy it either. Instead, you should do your best to ease your cat's stress. How do you do that?

The simplest and most obvious way is by removing the cause of the stress. Is your cat upset every time you use the vacuum? Put him in another room while you clean. Does he react badly to the new piece of furniture you bought? Place it in a different room where he does not usually go.

Sometimes, however, you can't just remove what's bothering your cat. A new baby, for instance, or moving into a new house are things that you can't change to reduce your cat's stress. In that case you will want to ask your vet about methods of desensitization. These are ways to get your cat used to whatever is causing him stress by gradually introducing the stressor in a safe, controlled manner.

While you're there, also ask your vet about Comfort Zone with Feliway. Comfort Zone has been proven to reduce stress in cats. The magic is in pheromones - Comfort Zone releases odorless feline facial pheromones into the air, giving your cat a sense of comfort and safety. This is a natural way to constantly reinforce your cat's sense of safety and relaxation. Just plug in the Comfort Zone diffuser and watch your cat go back to his old self in no time!

I've seen Comfort Zone work wonders on stressed cats of all kinds. You won't believe how well it works until you try it yourself. And because I want to help as many cats as possible, I've arranged for you to get $10 off just by using the coupon at this link.

Using Comfort Zone means less frustration for you, and a calmer, happier life for your cat. Stress is a part of life; we have it and your cat has it, but neither you nor your kitty have to deal with it alone.

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Rob Butler on Friday, December 14, 2012 2:44 AM
Our cat always seems stressed, she is very anti-social. We try to love her, play more with her, but she remains anti-social. We also have a male dog & male cat, so I think she just feels left out. She has alays been a little skidish, now its more.
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Cat furniture on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 3:59 AM
I like your post and i am also a cat lover. Sometime we think is our cat stressed out or not. Your post is very informative for cat lovers.
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Even something as minor as rearranging furniture can disturb your cat.
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