What do you do if your Pet starts to vomit??
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What do you do if your Pet starts to vomit??

Alot of these posts are for Cats, yet our Dogs have been known to get into a scuffle, or find something - put it into their mouths, even though it doesn't belong there. Here are a few things to keep an eye on, so that our pets are always protected from any harm that may come to them.
What is the most common condition seen in pet emergency rooms?

Do you know?

Most people guess that most emergency situations arise from trauma - being hit by a car, cat/dog fights, bite wounds, drowning and other urgent problems. That's what most people think ... but they're wrong.

The number one reason cats/dogs are brought to the veterinary emergency room is vomiting.

This is a very common scenario that almost all cat/dog lovers have seen. It's a familiar sequence of events....

Your pet starts vomiting. You wait for them to finish but they keep going and you get a little nervous. You clean up the mess. You watch your pet closely. They  appears listless and seem to have no energy. That's  when you become really worried.

Would you know what to do in this situation? Many owners are confused and don't know how to react. If your pet experiences vomiting, here are some tips:

1. Make sure you know where your local emergency room is or how your vet deals with emergencies. Keep this information (phone number, hours, address and directions) handy.

2. Have a copy of your pet's medical history and any medications that he is taking. The emergency vet will want to know when the vomiting started, how many times your pet has vomited, what the vomit looked like, the last time your pet vomited, and if there are any accompanying symptoms, such as lethargy, weakness or diarrhea. Observe your pet closely. If possible, take a sample of the most recent vomit or diarrhea with you.

3. Call your veterinarian or emergency clinic to determine what they want you to do. Their staff will talk to you about your pet's condition and recommend whether or not you should bring him in to be examined. If your pet has only vomited once, is now acting normal and has no diarrhea, they might tell you to wait a few hours and see if your pet vomits again.

4. Do not expose your Pet to trash, table scraps and other foreign objects that he may be inclined to swallow. Make any food changes gradually over a period of several days. Buy only Pet-safe toys and ensure your Pet does not chew on any objects around the house that he could swallow but not digest. Cats are especially fond of string, yarn, ribbon and other linear-type foreign bodies, so take extra care to keep them away from him.

As far as symptoms go, vomiting can be expensive. It is not uncommon for treatment to run $175 to $300 for a simple case. More extensive care requiring tests, such as bloodwork, x-rays, and hospitalization can run anywhere from $685 to $1,100…that's a lot of money. That's why I always tell my readers to consider pet insurance. It often pays up to 90% of costs. This is something you should consider BEFORE your cat has a problem. Take a minute and get a free quote now and find out if pet insurance is right for you. Go to: http://trupanion.com

Hopefully, your Pet will not have a vomiting emergency (or any other type of emergency), but if he does, I hope that this will help you to better understand what you need to do

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