Fleas on your pets
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Fleas on your pets

Now that Spring is finally here, with the warm weather comes the dreaded FLEAS & TICKS. I thought I would give you some history of the life span of the dreaded flea. For our dog, Brock - not only is he very much allergic to the fleas, but most of the meds for the fleas. The only medication so far that he is able to use is Capstar. It has worked very well for him. 

Below is the life span for the flea, and how easy it is to wind up with an infested pet / or home, it doesn't take much time at all. Read this:

Today I want to help explain the flea life cycle and how just one flea on your cat/ dog, or in your home can multiply into as many as 100,000 in just 30 days.
Fleas generally begin their life cycle when the temperature is above 70°F and high humidity (70%). The breeding cycle peaks with temperatures between 70°F and 85°F. An adult flea can lay 15 to 20 eggs per day and over 2,000 in her lifetime.
The development of the flea begins when the adult lays eggs, which develop into larvae. These larvae then develop into pupae and ultimately emerge as adults in as little as 14 days during peak conditions. The adults continue to breed as quickly as possible while the first generation lays yet another group of eggs. Before you know it, there are thousands of fleas jumping around, just waiting to take a bite out of you and your pet.
So there you have it: that's how one flea in your home can become a full infestation. Imagine fleas on your cat, in your carpets, sofas, clothing, and even your bed in just 30 days. Yuck!
The only way to protect your cat is to treat them with a flea and tick prevention medication. There are a wide variety of brands out there, so here are some of the most common:

Remember, this flea and tick season could be a bad one. The best time to prevent parasites on your pet and in your home is now! Don't delay and find out it's too late. 

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Fleas are the ultimate enemy of the pets. The pet owners are always so concerned about this.
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that's how one flea in your home can become a full infestation.
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